Development of Touch system, Digital signage solution, and Customizing contents

Network Type

Network Type Solution

- It can manage the contents by the network of embedded board operating system based on Linux.

- The network type is usually there's letter 'N' end of the model number.

* e.g. S550IN ('S' means stand / '55' means screen size / 'N' means Network)

How to use

Together with USB type functions, the remote contents management is available by the management server through the provided solution.

Supporting formats and specifications

* The both type of landscape and portrait contents can be played.

Advantage of Network type


All functions of the USB type are included.


The screen is a visible variety by the scheduling for circumstances.


A detailed schedule is set a date, a day of the week, a time, content, etc.


There is a slide show function of the contents, you can set what time each content is played.


An easy screen division is available, and an editor for a screen construction is provided.


The displayed contents edit on the screen by the network is available, and lots of contents that are registered on the solution can be revised, added and deleted at the same time via the main server.


The news in real-time can be indicated with subtitled form by RSS functions.

Network type suggestion

- For each store of the franchise who need to update contents often as a weekly, monthly or quarterly by the network.
- For the clients who want to have an interior effect with the digital menu board for a menu and a price list at a restaurant, a café, a department store, etc.
- For the clients who want to post the floor guide, announcement, promotion, news, etc at the office and the public office.
- For the clients who cannot manage all contents of each Digital Signage because of separate installation location.

Variety choice of screen division.