Business Mate, Sysmate

Sysmate intends to do our efforts for continuous research & development and innovation.


  • Launching on procurement of AED type and a landscape orientation stand type
  • Registered on a military procurement of an interactive e-board
  • Launching a display rental-business in domestic
  • A business contract of 15 million dollars of LED outdoor electric signages
  • A business contract of Samsung Life, Sony, Homeplus and all branches of pharmacy
  • Build an ERP system of Smart factory
  • A selection of 2019 excellent venture company
  • A selection of Best 10 enterprises of venture competitiveness
  • Office with factory moved to a larger facility
  • A contract of 250,000 dollars of R&D national task
  • Launching a digital signage of R&D disaster safety management
  • Build 30% of the production line with the smart factory
  • Reach 13 million dollars of sales
  • Obtain a certification of GS
  • Sales to all branches of Homeplus
  • Production of self-order kiosk
  • A selection of 2018 Hi-Seoul superior business brand
  • A selection of the prospective company to enter foreign procurement market (G-PASS)
  • 1st place on public procurement market of digital signage
  • Get a license of information and communication works
  • Hi-Seoul superior business brand
  • A selection of Hi-Seoul brand
  • A selection of enterprise of fostering human resources
  • A selection of youth-friendly enterprise
  • Add products on public procurement market (21 items)
  • Development of a guest paging system
  • Confirmation of direct production
  • Sales to Naver office building, all military camps, Korea airports corporation in quantity
  • Certification of Inno-biz (enterprise with innovatively)
  • A selection of promising export company
  • CE, FCC certification
  • Sales to all branches of Toyota and Lexus
  • Sales to all branches of LGU+ golf club
  • Sales to all branches of YES, Good peoples co., ltd.
  • Register a patent of reservation system of the event facility
  • Register a hybrid smart AED equipment
  • Register a patent of digital menu board connecting system with a mobile phone
  • Register to establish R&D center and factory
  • Contract with franchises of Hansot and Abiko
  • Certificate of quality management(ISO9001)
  • Register products on the public procurement market
  • Establish of incorporation, Sysmate co., ltd.
  • Jong-Kyun, Jeong is appointed CEO (present CEO)
  • Register of venture company (Vol.20-no.130112558)
  • Contract with LG electronics for digital signage
  • Contract with Hyundai H&S, Easyway Bubletea
  • Build a website of bidding and reverse auction for C-Market and public organization
  • Build a broadcasting system based on chroma key and provide it to school and public organization
  • Development of digital signage
  • Contract with a franchisee of Mangosix
  • Cooperation development of Hione-point card system for Gang-won land
  • Establish SYSMATE
  • Build a point card system for Inflow co., ltd.
  • Patent

    Multiple management of digital menu board Indication device and method of internet website via management module & creation of digital menu on the application in mobile phone

    <13 Feb, 2014>

  • Patent

    Reservation system of event facility and operation guide

    <25 Mar, 2015>

  • Patent

    Digital signage combined hybrid smart AED equipment

    <08 Dec, 2015>

  • Patent

    Disaster safety management Earthquake sensing and smart low power device with public safety-LTE

    <12 Sep, 2017>

  • Patent

    Wooden cased Kiosk Production guide and case of it

    <23 Aug, 2018>

  • Patent

    Advertisement platform system and operation guide

    <19 Dec, 2019>

  • Design Registration

    Advertisement signboard attached to display

    <25 Oct, 2018>

  • Design Registration

    Advertisement signboard attached to display

    <25 Oct, 2018>

  • Design Registration

    Advertisement signboard attached to display

    <25 Oct, 2018>

  • Design Registration

    Kiosks for the blind and deaf

    <25 Aug, 2021>

  • Trademark Registration

    SYSMATE trademark

    <10 Jan, 2020>

  • Certificate of startup

  • Certificate of SME

  • Certificate of direct

  • Inno-biz Certificate

  • CE Certificate (DOC)

  • ISO9001 Certificate

  • ISO14001 Certificate

  • FCC Certificate

  • Certificate of program

  • Certificate of program

  • Certificate of information
    and communication service

  • Certificate of Hi Seoul

  • Selection of 2018 Hi-Seoul
    superior enterprise

  • Certificate of software

  • Grand awards of SME

  • Selection of prospective
    company to enter foreign
    procurement market

  • Certificate of 2020
    Youth-friendly enterprises

  • Certificate of 2020
    Seoul small giant business

  • Certificate of 2019
    superior startup

  • Selection of youth
    smart business job

  • Certificate of fostering
    human resources enterprise

  • Grand awards of happy
    management company

  • Grand awards of
    Korean consumer

  • Grand awards of Korean
    win-win development

  • Award of successful